Lessons from the Olympics with Jim Kaspari

This is an exciting week for the podcast, not only are we celebrating the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games (one year later), this is the first episode of the Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast.

We’ve re-branded to the podcast – you’ll notice the new cover art and updated description.

 It’s fitting that the first episode features lessons from the Olympics. Jim Kaspari and I share our perspectives on the games, we talk about the mental side of sports and business. Jim announces the availability of his new book, Gold Metal Business Marketing.

 I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Jim Kaspari is CEO of PEAK Business Coaching, the author of PEAK Profits, 47 Latest SEO Secrets to Get More Traffic from Google, PEAK Profits Business Journal and Olympic Gold Medalist Quotes.  He has spoken on stages across the US and in Australia on small business marketing with Armand Morin, Ryan Deiss, and others.  Recently he was published on Forbes.com.  He has a BS from UC Davis and worked for Genentech, Inc. for 20 years as a chemical engineer, automation and systems analyst, training manager, and leader of 20 internal consultants, saving the company millions of dollars.  By investing well in real estate and helping start businesses while working, he was able to retire a millionaire at age 44.   For fun, he runs, plays guitar, and sings .

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