Marketing Audit with Pam Hoffman E127

This week Pam Hoffman stops by for a Marketing Audit.  

If you’re not familiar with a Marketing Audit, I sit down with entrepreneurs and we talk about where they are and where they want to go in their business. 

We focus on your current marketing strategies and come up with actionable steps you can take right now to grow your reach, increase your prospects and get you more paying clients.  An ideal guest is any small business owner who is tired of staying where they are and want to really take their business to the next level by amping up their marketing game. 

Pam Hoffman is known as the Everyday Spacer. She helps people interested in space learn how to explore space from their back yards. She has published hundreds of articles about space exploration. She hosts a weekly online live show where she helps her followers experience the wonders of the universe. 

 In this Marketing Audit we talk about:

🚀     How to identify who your selling to

🚀     What products should you be selling?

🚀     Sell it then create it

🚀     How to engage with people interested in what you have

🚀     How to capitalize on your email list

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