People First Then Profit with Don Mamone E44

People First Then Profit is not just the name of a podcast, it’s a philosophy.  Devoted husband and father, Relationship marketing expert, Don Mamone shares his thoughts on finding opportunity through challenge, achieving success through the service to others.

Don and his wife Emily separated themselves from an overcrowded photography industry to redefine what business they were in resulting in a wildly successful thriving business.  Until March 2020 when the world changed. Find out what they are doing to create opportunity when it seems like none exists. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did creating it.

Enjoy our chat…

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Don’s decade long career in hospitality culminated with his role as the Director of Events for the renowned Beverly Hilton. His time in this fast paced high profile career instilled in him the importance of customer service and relationship marketing. Determined to pursue a life-long passion, Don and his wife Emily opened their photography studio 14 years ago guided by and based largely on these same principles creating an award winning studio photographing from Dallas to destinations around the world. The Mamones are confident their success is due in no small part to their People First, Then Profit philosophy. As a relationship marketer, speaker and educator, Don is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs crush their goals faster and with less work.

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