Out of the Valley of Complacency with Pete Schroeder E4

Pete Schroeder has this philosophy: The better you communicate, the more money you’ll make, and the more you’ll enjoy your work.

Pete is an entrepreneur, with over 20 yrs. experience, working with clients in clarifying their wants, goals and priorities. He uncovers their obstacles, and explores options in overcoming them.

Before he began a career in sales, Pete was a buyer for 8 years. He operated his rep agency for 12 years, after being mentored for 10 years. He has been involved in real estate since 2004, as a consultant/coach and realtor. He knows sales and marketing.

Key Distinctions:

• Anyone can speak, Pete engages.

• Anyone can show up, Pete connects.

• Anyone can inform, Pete influences.

Pete has authored 2 books, led workshops and seminars throughout the United States and in Europe, been interviewed on TV and radio.

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In this episode we explore…..


00:55 – Entrepreneurial beginnings

2:30 – Real estate – it’s a relationship game

4:25 – The harder you work, the more you make

5:40 – Work smarter not harder

7:35 – Analyze and revise

8:10 – Team is key to growth

11:10 -How to delegate – don’t hire people you want to hang out with

12:10 – Overcoming obstacles

13:40 – Punch that obstacle in the eye – reassess and redirect

15:20 – Trust you gut, not just that voice in your head

18:20 – Who needs balance?

21:55 – Team Schroeder gives back

26:05 – The valley of complacency

34:35 – The past doesn’t = the future

36:05 – More tequila por favor

38:35 – Wisdom from our grandparents

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More About Pete:

Author of:

It’s Your Movie! Creating the Life You Want

First, Take Care of You! 10 Keys to Self-Care for Family Caregivers

Contact info:

pete@peteschroeder.com                                                  916-899-3209

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More Tequila Por Favor

Let Out the Joy

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