Feng Shui and Your Business with PK Odle E28


In this episode I talk with PK Odle about how you can increase your business success with Feng Shui. 
PK Odle runs The Feng Shui Advantage®, an international consulting company that utilizes the centuries-old Chinese system of optimizing your environment to support your wellbeing, relationships, and prosperity.

She specializes in helping business owners thrive financially, increase productivity, and reduce spending. She works with clients virtually throughout the world on their residential and commercial spaces. 

 Every property, whether owned or rented, has a unique mixture of supportive and sabotaging Feng Shui energies. PK advises you on which of the five elements are required in each area to optimize those energies. You implement them as beautiful accessories that blend with your chosen décor to neutralize negative energies and activate creativity, productivity, and prosperity.

 PK Odle is an internationally respected Master Feng Shui consultant, Executive Director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute®, speaker, best-selling author, and publisher, with 23 years of Feng Shui experience. Since meeting AFSI’s founder Master Larry Sang in 1996, she’s devoted her life to the study and practice of classical Yi Jing Feng Shui. For PK, it’s an honor to have the opportunity to make positive changes in the world by improving the health, relationships, and finances being of service to one client at a time.

I hope you enjoy our chat…. 

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In this episode we explore…..


01:20  – 23 years of Feng Shui consulting

2:20 – A journey to Feng Shui

7:20 – Every building has energy

10:20 – Feng Shui works

11:20 – Entrepreneur at 8 years old

13:20 – Overcoming challenges

15:20 – Educating your clients

17:50 – Close the toilet seat

19:20 – Client care

20:10 – It takes a community

23:20 – Listen to your gut

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More About PK:

Visit http://www.PKFengShui.com for more info, including a video to get to know PK.

More about PK:

PK Odle – Master Feng Shui Consultant & Executive Director of The American Feng Shui Institute.

The Feng Shui Advantage®

Monterey Park, Los Angeles, CA


626-288-1669 office landline


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Learns about the following aspects of your birth TRIGRAM:

  • Best SLEEPING directions for their crown to point for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Supportive directions to have behind their backs when WORKING to be more productive.
  • Wardrobe COLORS that are beneficial for them to wear for their entire life.
  • Their lifetime direction where CLUTTER (inside or outside) causes them financial, health, and relationship problems. 

Send an email to  PK@PKFengShui.com with BREAKAWAY in the subject line and include in the body of that email your: 

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