Feng Shui and Your Business with PK Odle E28 – Transcript

Janet Fish 0:08
Hello and welcome to the breakaway entrepreneur podcast where we explore the entrepreneur mindset and the characteristics and traits that lead to success. I’m your host Janet Fish, and in this episode we talk with pk odle about how Fung Shui can help your business be more successful. pk runs the Fung Shui advantage, an international consulting company that utilizes the centuries old Chinese system of optimizing your environment to support your well being relationships and prosperity. She specializes in helping business owners thrive financially, increase productivity and reduce spending. She works with clients virtually throughout the world on their residential and commercial spaces. I hope you enjoy our chat. Good afternoon pk odle how are you doing? Today

PK Odle 1:01
on how are you, Janet, I’m doing fantastic. I’m

Janet Fish 1:05
sheltering in place and hanging in and doing all the things we’re supposed to do. How about you?

PK Odle 1:09
Likewise, I’ve taken an oath to stay healthy for my clients and my students to be able to carry on for many years to come. Excellent.

Janet Fish 1:18
I’m glad to hear that. So let’s just start out by talking a little bit. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. Just give us some background on you.

PK Odle 1:29
Well, I am now a master Fung Shui consultant. I’ve been doing Fung Shui consulting for 23 years. I work virtually thanks to 21st century technology. I can work virtually with clients from designing an office building in Kobe, Japan to working on a townhouse that was built after world war two in Denmark to 100 year old villa in outside of Pisa, Italy that survived World War Two. So I work with clients remotely All over the world even locally now I’m doing remote consulting if somebody just lives the next town over from me, I’m also the executive director of the American Fung Shui Institute, where I’ve been teaching for them since 1998. We train people how to be a classical Fung Shui consultant, doing the science of Fung Shui, not the one size fits all, where people sell you trinkets and tell you that everybody needs the same things in the same place. That would be kind of like

somebody’s selling you at Do It Yourself acupuncture kit. Right.

Janet Fish 2:31
So how did you get into Fung Shui? I mean, I know it was 23 years ago, but how’d you How’d you find yourself there?

PK Odle 2:36
Well, I left travel this month 23 years ago, and I had been the onsite travel agent at a company called La gear they may choose. And when I joined them, about six months later, they consolidated from three buildings to one building near the Santa Monica airport. When they did that they didn’t know the building had a major focus. problem and within three years of that move, they were selling the name for licensing purposes and had closed down all their operations. So I was taken out of my private office at La gear and put in a reservation center. I was miserable. I loved my private office. I was working in this chaotic environment, doing the same work, but just a different environment. That’s all that had changed. Every day I’d go home I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to go back there. And so I fellow employee, there handed me the flyer for a local bookstore. And I saw the words Fung Shui for the first time. I had never heard of it. I’m sure in my mind, I pronounced it incorrectly. But I saw that flyer and I saw a master sayings face, and it said your environment affects your entire life. I said, Oh my, I looked around. I’ve got to meet this guy. And so I went luckily that Friday night and I still have my copy of the principles of Fung Shui that I got from him. It’s autographed. from him from March of 1996, and I started studying with him after that, I changed my life in one weekend, I did what I could from that book that’s like our textbook for our beginning intermediate class. I did what I could from that one book. And on Monday afternoon, I get a call from somebody else in travel. And they said, Would you like to be recommended for the on site at Creative Artists Agency? Well, I had no idea. My first question was, does it have a private office? I didn’t want a cubicle. And they said yes, in their building in Beverly Hills. My second question was, is parking included? He informed me that Creative Artists Agency was one of the top two talent agencies in the world and Yes, I’d have a private, I’d have a parking place in their building. And so I said, Okay, recommend me that was Monday afternoon. By Friday afternoon, I’d gone through a series of interviews both with the travel agency that I’d be working for, and all the department heads within CAA. And I was giving my notice to take that job. I picked the book back up and I said, Oh my I got to study This stuff. And that’s when I started studying, I started practicing with my friends. And when I took the classes with Master sang, he must have recognized I had teacher mentality because he invited me to keep coming back. And within a while I started my from taking the classes with him within less than a year I started my consulting business full time. I don’t recommend to my students they do that. I recommend that they build their reputation, and build their business slowly because it’s very hard to survive when you’re building your reputation as you well know, Janet, so this was is my advice to my students and anybody else in business. And within a year after starting my business, I started teaching for the Institute. And then in 2014, they made me the executive director of the Institute

pates Janet.

Janet Fish 5:48
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We appreciate you listening and sharing with your friends. Excellent. So It sounds like in your business you part of your business is training people to be Fung Shui consultants, I guess that would be the name you would call them. And then the other component of your business is to work with, you know, entrepreneurs like myself or any other entrepreneur to help us leverage funks way to grow our business to more run our business and more effectively talk a little bit about what you would do too with an entrepreneur to help them use Fung Shui to do what talk a little bit about that?

PK Odle 6:38
Okay, well, it functionally actually already exist in all buildings just like gravity exists just like our DNA in our body exists. Scientists didn’t know about the DNA in our bodies, they didn’t know how they could make corrections to DNA problems or or manipulate the DNA in in people that alone plants but centuries ago, the functioning figured out. There’s energy in buildings and different buildings affect people differently. So when I hear a news story about children murdering their parents, I’m like wondering, what’s the energy combination at that house? What’s going on there that might have caused that? Because every building has a combination of energies. There’s no wealth corner for everybody. There’s no same position in every building. Every building has nine equal sections, these nine sections, divide the interior width in the interior depth of every level of the unit by into this grid,

Janet Fish 7:34
and I welcome in interrupt you for a second. Because I don’t I don’t yet and you’ll learn this from me. I don’t care about that. Okay, yet, because that’s the How do you do it? Right. And you haven’t gotten me yet because I want to know, how would I benefit and then I care about the how but I don’t care about the how until you can say to me something like you know, it may be You can use some examples from your, from your clients, I might come to you and say I feel stuck in, in getting new clients of this kind or I feel like this isn’t working for. I mean, obviously I come from the standpoint there’s got to be a challenge or some pain, or for me to want to go and do something differently. So let’s, before we get into the nine sections in the how, talk about what you have done with entrepreneurs, to what their challenges were and how you help them solve those challenges through rearranging their, their, the deck chairs on their on their, on their deck.

PK Odle 8:39
Excellent. Well, the first thing I do is I analyze the energies in their building, and I tell them what remedies they need. The remedies are the five elements. But what happens when they don’t have these elements in there to optimize the energies is that they experienced delays. In every building, there are energies that create delays, there are permanent sets of energies and then There’s a visiting set of energy that creates delays and that’s one of the biggest problems that I help. My clients that are in business for themselves overcome is the delays. So if they have the energy of delays at their entrance in their bedrooms in their home office areas, if they’re the permanent energies, it’s just ongoing delays, delays in people hiring them, them completing projects, them getting paid delays that end that result in clutter. I visited one lady’s house. She’s a psychotherapist she had a thriving practice, but her house was covered in piles of things, papers, clothing just piles everywhere. Some of them were knee high, and luckily she had the floor plan. So when I visited her home, I saw all these piles and when I did the calculations, I saw she had the energy of delays permanently at her front door and permanently in her bedroom. When she put the necessary element in as a remedy. She calls me up the end of the first way PKM get rid of things every week. Within six months she had cleared out all that clutter hadn’t been Because she wanted to do a redesign on it. And so she had me Fung Shui her guest house in the back. So she could redesign it first and live out there while the whole house got redone. So, and then she says, oh, come and do my office, but I’m afraid my clientele is going to freak out because you make me do changes. Well, yes, her office needed help. And we had I had her move her desk to the other side, and things like that, but her client tell was like, What have you done? It feels different in here. We love it. And and her practice is thriving, and she’s been getting her annual updates from me every single year. Awesome.

Janet Fish 10:33
That’s, that’s really, really good to hear. Are you familiar with Marie diamond?

PK Odle 10:38
Yes, I am familiar with me.

Janet Fish 10:40
So I had many back in the day. It was a long time ago, I had her come and funk. I paid a lot of money. I know you guys are worth every penny I paid or a big amount of money. And she came into my house and did Fung Shui. And I remember she said to me, you’re gonna write a book and you’re gonna be on stages and I’m like, I don’t want to do any of that at all. But it immediately did change my life. I mean, there were some big things that automatically turned. So I’m a firm believer in all of this. I think it’s I think it’s awesome.

PK Odle 11:10
So it sounds like is up did Murray diamond teach you what your right brain direction is to sit in that position when you’re writing your book versus your left brain direction to sit in that position while you’re editing it according to your date of birth?

Janet Fish 11:26
No, but I wrote I didn’t write the book for a very long time after that. I mean, it wasn’t like I went out the next day, the next week to write a book. I just it was a long time after that, but and now I’ve written five books. So clearly, she knew what she was talking about. Yeah.

PK Odle 11:40
Yeah. So it sounds

Janet Fish 11:42
like you started out as a working as a as a travel agent or a travel person travel. Were you an entrepreneur at that point? Have you always been an entrepreneur? When did you become an entrepreneur? Why did you become an entrepreneur talk a little bit about that journey?

PK Odle 11:59
Oh, I became an entrepreneur when I was about eight years old, I was looking at a children’s magazine and in the back I saw these fun little ads and one of them said sell packages of seeds and packages of greeting cards door to door earn money. Unbeknownst to my parents I mailed off for that. Probably used my birthday money or Christmas money and mailed off for that, and got them and started selling them door to door in our neighborhood.

Janet Fish 12:24
Oh, that’s so funny. That’s that’s a great story. Yes. And you’ve been an entrepreneur ever since? Yes, I have.

PK Odle 12:29
Yes. Uh huh.

Janet Fish 12:30
So what do you like best about being an entrepreneur? And what do you like least?

PK Odle 12:36
What I like least is the all the mundane thing you have to do to to manage a business part of it. Yeah. What I like most about it is getting the phone calls from somebody. Oh, peeking. I got engaged over the weekend. Do I still keep buying my romance flowers? I’m like, No, honey, you made your choice. You’re not looking for more to choose from

Janet Fish 12:55
God. So it’s hearing that hearing the success stories from your clients. Yeah, and more.

PK Odle 13:00
When people tell me my business has increased, doubled in 101 lady said it’s gone up 300% because she was very she’s a very well known businesswoman and she really tracks her numbers and she says it’s gone up 300%

Janet Fish 13:12
Well, that’s a great thing to hear. And and I can’t You can’t take the coach out of the girl. All those mundane things, we can hire some of those out. So remember that?

PK Odle 13:24
I am currently I am currently shopping for a new VA. Okay,

that’s good. Good for you. I’m about my I have my bookkeeper. I have my CPA. You know, I have my webmaster. And but I am currently shopping for some good v A’s that know how to use all the software that we’re using.

Janet Fish 13:41
Yeah, so you’ve definitely got some team around you, which is good. So as an entrepreneur, we all have challenges that we’ve gone through. Can you talk about any it doesn’t have to be a big challenge. It doesn’t, but talk about some of the challenges that you’ve encountered in your 23 years. At least have been funks way and then talk about how you’ve overcome them.

PK Odle 14:03
Okay. Well, one of the first challenges hit me when I first started studying Fung Shui. And I went to that fellow employee that had handed me the flyer for the bookstore and I said, oh, wow, I’m studying this and thank you for giving me that flyer, because that’s how I discovered it. I’d like to practice on your apartment and give you a free Fung Shui consultation. She was Oh, no, I can’t do that. I’m Christian. And I was like a gas. I had no idea that I would ever have that response from somebody. And I did not have the years of experience to be able to answer her. Well, God created everything he created the energies in our building. My job is just to optimize them for you. To make things better for you just like going to see your acupuncturist or your chiropractor, or your dentist. My job is to work with what’s already there. And I did not have the

expertise on how to respond to her after that, sir

Janet Fish 15:00
So, so I’m sure that that never happened. Well, first of all, no one probably ever asked you that question again. However, I’m sure that if someone had, you would have a response for that and and, and I love that because we, I still get I’ll call that handling an objection and I still get objections and I I don’t necessarily have a scripted answer for what that’s gonna look like. But like I’ve been in business for a long, long time and you know, objections come and go and that’s just part of part of being in business. So there’s a lot of I mean, you’re what I love about you as an as a, as a Fung Shui expert is not only do you practice it, but you teach it and I think that’s, that’s huge. That’s a huge differentiator that makes you different than other people out there doing the same thing. What do you think makes you different, and an extraordinary as a Fung Shui consultant,

PK Odle 16:11
it’s that I bring that teaching to my clients to I don’t just say do this, do that and Don’t ask me why a lot of my clients, a lot of my clients are my students that find out how complex it is and they want to know they want to jump ahead three years of studying and find out what to do to their house on a deeper level. And but a lot of my clientele they become more aware, and when they start choosing wall color for themselves, they’ll ask me before they choose the wall color because sometimes they’re going to want to go with something with more of a flair and it’s going to interfere with their phone sway. And, and then they asked me in advance before they choose their next location. So I do house hunting with clients often and I tell them whether that house is going to be a good fit for them or not or whether we’re going to be able to fix the energies especially In condos and offices and commercial spaces, where we can’t do outside remedies like we can in the single family home.

Janet Fish 17:08
So what do you do when you can’t fix it? Or you don’t have a remedy for a drone issue?

PK Odle 17:14
Only the outside remedies become difficult in commercial spaces, condo complexes and, and apartment complexes and things like that. And then we just maximize them do what we can optimizing the energies inside, when we can’t do the remedies outside. And those are the cases where I’d say when your lease is up, let’s talk about finding you another location that supports you better because your luck and your efforts are being impeded somewhat by this building. we’re optimizing it with making it the best it can and things are going to improve. But I would highly suggest you not resigning. Elise, God and that’s a rare, rare occasion that that happens.

Janet Fish 17:56
Yeah, this is usually something you can do to

PK Odle 17:58
yes to improve Yeah, yeah, because like if we can’t do the remedies outside, I’ll say let’s move your desk over and you sit in the energy inside that’s optimum for making money. And then they’re spending more time in it, because it’s where we have prolonged exposure to these energies inside that are affecting us the most not your closets and your bedrooms and your bathrooms. I don’t care what anybody does in their bathroom, it unless there’s a door to the outside, and then it becomes as important as any other entrance into a building. But I do care that they close the toilet lid. That’s the only information for the bathroom because that’s to keep the germs inside the bowl and keep them from spreading six feet in all directions, getting on our toothbrushes and our makeup jars and the towels. We’re going to dry our hands and face what

Janet Fish 18:48
I always thought it was because I had heard that if you leave the toilet seat open then money flows into money flows away. Nobody makes money in Their bathrooms are not even plumbers, they are valid.

PK Odle 19:02
That’s what I know I owe.

Janet Fish 19:06
Money is flying away that fun is flying down the toilet or something like that.

PK Odle 19:10
That’s one of the Fung Shui myths that I get. It’s good to know I shouldn’t about all the time. And that’s not true. Also, if you can see through your house to, to things where you can see through it, that’s not an issue. It’s when the air currents can pass through. So if William Tell could shoot an arrow straight through your house, then you’ve got the energy flying straight through it. And that takes the new energy and takes it out and money doesn’t linger. So the rule is they’re just not both opened at the same time. And then you have no problem. Gotcha.

Janet Fish 19:42
All right. So this podcast talks, we talk a lot about the characteristics and traits that make up successful entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts on that? Do you have any specific traits that you believe are important

PK Odle 19:57
as I sincerely care about their clients,

That they’re not just in it for a quick buck and then moving on, that they will be there to answer follow up questions and that they keep improving their knowledge. And just like a nurse or a doctor has to take new classes, even your CPA has to stay on top of things.

Janet Fish 20:25
Yeah, that’s good. That’s really good. Kenny, I don’t know if this has been, it has played a role in your success as an entrepreneur at all. But talk about community and relationships with other entrepreneurs and if that has had any kind of an effect, and what your recommendations would be for people around that,

PK Odle 20:46
Oh, yes, build your community. Don’t just start with your bookkeeper and your CPA, but your healers they can be your community or your business coaches because everybody needs a business coach, my lord Tiger Woods still has a coach. You know, up until the retired Kareem Abdul Jabbar had a wonderful coach and had a long time relationship with wooden. But even after he retired from basketball, I’m sure he had business coaches. So get coaching and get it early, because you’re going to be sorry if you didn’t, it’s kind of like the lady. That was another psychotherapist. She waited three years to hire me because she says pk. I just know you’re going to tell me to move my waterbed. And yes, when she finally hired me, I told her to move her waterbed. And I told her all the remedies to improve her money, her health and her relationships. Well, all of that improved and she came back to the next month at to a meeting where we saw each other monthly. She was PKM sleeping like a baby. I wish I would have called you three years ago. So same thing with business coaching, get the coaching as early as you can possibly get it into your budget.

Janet Fish 21:51
Yeah, well and I we met through a an organization a community of entrepreneurs that it And actually in a debt in a number of different areas because we’ve overlapped in some one was writing a book, a compilation book. And then the other was Susie pruden, who has been on this podcast and that’s how we met has a dinner at your place, which is what she started with the, with the pandemic, and we’re all sitting inside on a Friday night not being able to go out. And I just find not only what you’re talking about as getting coaching and getting help, but just the support of other people. I mean, I call people all the time other entrepreneurs, if I’m having a rough day, or I’ve got a challenge, or I just want to celebrate a success, all right. So I mean, I just think it’s really important to have your, your group your posse of entrepreneurs that are there to support you in the good times. And then in the not so good times, because I think it’s really important to have that.

PK Odle 22:55
I learned as a high school student, I learned to learn to

Study my friends mistakes so I wouldn’t have to make the same month.

Janet Fish 23:05
Oh, so talk a little bit more about that.

PK Odle 23:08
Oh, yes. Yeah.


one of my best friends in high school, her twin sisters and their stepsister all came back our senior year pregnant. And I was like, odd Not gonna happen to me.

Janet Fish 23:23
Okay, that’s kind of a big one. Not like, kind of a big one not to do.

PK Odle 23:27

Janet Fish 23:29
That’s pretty funny. I think that’s important that you don’t don’t do that. Alright. And I’m really interested to hear your take on the role that your gut and intuition plays in decision making and I’m interested in that not just because being in the field of Fung Shui is very it’s deeper than just regular thought. It’s

PK Odle 23:57
a I

Janet Fish 23:58
don’t know how to articulate what I’m saying. But it’s you It is it’s a deeper way of feeling and understanding energy and all of that. And so I call it intuition you might call our gut, you might call it something else. But talk a little bit about the role that’s played.

PK Odle 24:14
Well, when I was young, and I was checking out apartments, I would listen to my gut going on. No, I don’t think I like this one and things like that. And a lot of people have that. And even my clients who are healers that use their intuition that test people and treat people using their intuition. They come to me and when I tell them what Fung Shui remedies to put in, when they change them, they’re the ones that feel at first they’re not waiting for the results to see if it works. They actually feel it. And but what I’m using to do, those are calculations about the energies about the orientation of the building, when it was built. And then I can determine for each year that you’re in it because circumstances change from year to year in every building. So I can tell what’s going on in their buildings and they tell me early on, oh, I made the shift I could feel and then they could see that they feel it before they see the results or the other clients feel the result. So I’m not really going by my intuition. However, in Fung Shui there is one thing if spirits reside in the house, because somebody was murdered there or committed suicide or it’s on a ancient battleground or gravesite in Fung Shui. The way to clarify that land is to burn it for three days. Well, we’re not going to get to do that in today’s civilization. So I went and learned something else. It’s called radiance, the authentic Reiki. So I use the Reiki technique to clear that part where we can’t do this ancient Fung Shui remedy for it. So I combined that with both so sometimes I’ll be when I would visit homes to go over it. I’d be going over the report with them and they say is this going to help get rid of the spirits and I go, oh, okay, when we’re done. You can stay here and write down questions that you want to ask me. And I’m going to go around your house and do radiants on it, and clear out the spirits. And by the time I get back to where they’re looking over the report that they’ve gotten, they’re like, we could feel the shift when it left. I’m like, Okay,

Janet Fish 26:16
now that’s really interesting. Mm hmm. So, okay, so do you have? And this is a really general question. I don’t even know if that has an answer. So if the answer is no, then that’s fine. But do you have any recommendation? So I’m a business owner, and I want to make more money because who doesn’t? Is there anything that that a business all but business owners should be doing or looking at to improve that situation? Or is it like, I need to just hire PK? And I like, Is there any recommendations you’d have for where someone would start if they want it to be to make more money in their business?

PK Odle 26:58
Okay, well One thing that causes financial setbacks and also health and relationship problems is clutter. So if you can unclutter areas, even outside in sheds and garages, then it’s not about being minimalistic. I’m an American, I am realized we’re not going to be minimalistic, but it’s about having things well organized. And not in what you might call an I Love Lucy episode. Okay, so um, the there are two directions right now where everybody on the planet should not have clutter. And these directions go until February 4, of 2024. All right, that’s the northeast and northwest. And that’s for everybody on the planet right now. So no clutter inside or outside. And those are magnetic directions, not the top not going by the top of the map. You have to find out where your magnetic locations are. And you can easily do that with your cell phone apps by going into settings and shut up shutting off truenorth or making sure it’s turned off and then recalibrating it by way Leaving it in the infinity symbol, infinity shape in front of you, and then it will recalibrate, then you can find out where the 45 degrees of northeast and northwest are. But according to each person’s date of birth, you have your own lifetime direction, where you don’t want to have clutter, or, or missing areas of your house. So if your house is not a nice rectangular square, and the missing section happens to be from your date of birth, not a good one, or the Northeast or the Northwest right now, I had one client whose business that one portion of their business was a garden area outside and there was no roof over it, but it was a Northwest section. And that’s one of the sections where this time period, you don’t want it to be missing. So I told her what the remedy was. And I can tell everybody what that remedy is, is where those two walls would go and connect to make that corner where it should be. So like if you’re saying that it’s missing, like one area is missing, so where that walls would make and connect it at that point you either put in a Tall full bush that is like greenery and full from the ground up. You can put two or three, I mean, three or five of them over there because I know designers like odd numbers. So you can put more over there, but one has to be right at that point. Or you can put in a lamppost. Well, this lady chose to put a lamppost because I happen to be on the side by their parking lot. And she always wanted a light out there. So she put a nice lamppost in, made it stone to match the facade of the front of the building. And she had them wire it to be on all the time. So if it was ever off, she knew the bolt needed to be replaced. She says PK are sales have gone up 30% but our profits have gone up 40% because she was able to get her business more out into the world.

Janet Fish 29:45
So it’s understanding northeast and northwest and decluttering those and then there’s it then there and then there’s something that you layer on top that has to do specifically with you and that’s tied to your birthday.

PK Odle 30:00
Yeah, and that’s what your listeners, I will be happy to send that to them.

Janet Fish 30:03
Yeah. So I want to talk about that as well. So what we’ll talk about what you what, how they learn more about you, and I think you’ve got something special for them. So we’ll talk about that in a second. But I want to just go in the direction of balance and talk about the need for for balance in your life. So what do you do? What did you do? What do you do? I mean, look, the world is a little bit of a different place right now. But what do you what do you do for fun? What can you still do for fun or what? What What, what makes you joyful?

PK Odle 30:41
Um, well, my main hobby is ancestry. I love getting on ancestry.com. I’ve been on there for about five years now. And just discovering who am I related to and how far back Can I go on this branch or that branch? And and and just discovering that when I first got into it, the first historical person I found out was a cousin of mine was Daniel Boone.

Oh, really?

Yeah. And then I found out that because on my dad’s side, I knew nothing about his ancestry. His father died when he was five. So I knew nothing about his ancestry. And my grandmother did not stay connected with except one branch of his family. So and that was the cousin that married my mother’s brother. So that’s another part of my ancestry. So but I, when I started researching his and I found out that my family, one of my ninth great grandfather’s signs of love the London compact that started Jamestown, and he was here in 1607. And then went back and did paperwork and other things and got preparations for sending all the people that came and then he brought his family over and 1611

Janet Fish 31:55
interesting. So yeah, and that’s a great hobby that you can do. During the movie, because, yeah, your computer doing that. Oh, that’s great. That’s, that’s really interesting. So what do you want your legacy to be? I mean, you talked about your history and, or your ancestry. What do you want your legacy to be?

PK Odle 32:16
All the students that I’ve trained, getting out there and helping more and more people, because when I would fly, and I would look down at all the neighborhoods, and I’d look at all the buildings are like, there’s no way in three lifetimes I could do all of these buildings, so we need to train more people to get out there. It’s just like, there’s not enough acupuncture schools. There’s not I mean, but but acupuncture schools have stringent rules and everybody has to go and pass a stringent test to be get an acupuncture license. And yes, it varies a little bit from state to state how many hours they have to put in and things like that. But unfortunately, in Fung Shui when somebody says they’re a certified Fung Shui consultant, it is just whoever they studied with and unfortunately, there are People out there mixing up all kinds of things, and teaching things like you’re going to flush your money away. If you flush the toilet lid up, instead of the real word reason. It’s about sanitation. There’s many things in Fung Shui that’s about sanitation. And the reason why, in olden times they told you not to have your water supply in your kitchen next to where you cooked, has nothing to do with our modern plumbing or our modern modern appliances. It had to do with the buckets that they brought their water in, if they had it nearby, and I apologize to vegetarians, and they were butchering an animal in the kitchen and the blood of that animal got in or on the bucket. They would take that bucket back to the water supply and contaminate it. It has nothing to do with where your kitchen sink is with its faucet now and your metal stove.

Janet Fish 33:49
interesting how all of that plays in. Yeah. How would somebody So you talked a little bit about Anybody could say anybody could study and say, Okay, I’m a Fung Shui consultant or specialist. And so how do they identify other than just hiring you, which I think would be the smart thing for them to do. But how would I identify who’s the real deal and who’s not?

PK Odle 34:18
Well, some people have written too many books about Fung Shui and you get confused reading that same author’s books. But Master saying, who founded the American Fung Shui Institute, who taught me everything I know. He collects the old ancient books, and tries out what’s in there and sees what works, but it’s been passed down in his family since 907 ad, since the first Fung Shui master escaped the Emperor’s control and lived in the mountains in hiding and taught his sons and daughters and one apprentice, and that’s master sayings ancestor. So when the Beijing when Beijing found out they were getting the 2008 Olympics, the younger people in Beijing that aren’t Maoist that didn’t believe Mao when he outlawed Fung Shui and Mao outlawed Fung Shui because he was a Fung Shui master. And he didn’t want anybody else to have that knowledge to be able to overthrow them. But so there’s still some old Maoists in the Chinese government. But the young ones wanted Fung Shui done on the, on the village there in Beijing for the Olympics because they wanted to be able to repurpose all the buildings that the dormitories where they slept and all the other where they competed in and they went looking for the best Fung Shui master in the world. And they chose master saying they brought him in quote, as an architectural adviser, not to upset the old Maoist in the in the government. But he worked on the Beijing Olympic sites. He turned the economy of Guam around and became a official ambassador for Guam because he turned their economy around. This man is the real deal. We can trace this ancestry he will not teach anything that he would not use for his own family members or his clientele. And that’s why I am blessed. I find I just find myself blessed. He was the first person I ever met about Fung Shui. And I decided early on that I was going to go a deep dive into his well of knowledge and not go spreading out trying to mix all kinds of things together.

Janet Fish 36:11
Oh, good. So if you’re somebody who’s studied with him would get your definite su seal of approval.

Yeah, yeah. Perfect. All right. So let’s talk about what your what your offer is how people can learn more about you and how Fung Shui can help them in their business. Okay,

PK Odle 36:31
well, um, what I will like to send your listeners if they want to send me their first name, it can be a nickname, it’s it’s not about the name, their full Date of Birth though month day year, and I do need their gender in case their name is something like Chris I don’t know what gender they are, because that’s what it’s based on. And I will tell them where their clutter keep clutter free direction is, it’s their try gram from the eaching Fung Shui and acupuncture are being based on an ancient Chinese book called The eaching It is teaches us about the yin and yang theory and the five element theory. So I will tell them what direction relates to their try gram a birth, and where that’s where they need to keep it clean and neat. Along with that, what colors are good for them to wear, because each direction relates to an element. So when you wear the colors of your element, you’re wearing your own element, or when you wear the colors of the the element that’s productive to you. For instance, I’m a wood element. So I can wear the color green a lot, because that’s the wood element. It’s not the brown of our furniture, it’s the green leaves that make oxygen. But when I wear blue or black, it’s like I’m wearing water that’s feeding my wood. So I will tell tell everybody what that is. Then I tell them from their try gram direction, what’s their best sleeping direction, which way does your crown point when you’re laying down sleeping, I don’t care about your nose and your toes. It’s about where your crown is connected. When you’re laying down sleeping, you have your best and then you have three other good directions. So there’s going to be four good directions and four bad directions. If you’re married to somebody, and they’re good directions, or the other one’s bad directions and vice versa, then we do a compromise. So there’s two things that affect you the building or your units orientation, and the bed. The only one we can move is the bed. So we figure out who is supported by the building or the unit and give the other person the bed direction. simple little compromise. And then the last thing is, I will tell them, there are four general good directions to have behind their back for support when they want to work. There’s deeper directions like your right and left brain directions that I mentioned earlier, if you really want to do creative things versus analytical things, but that comes with a consultation, but I’ll give them their four general good directions for city. Awesome. That’s great. All right. And and, and you can in your show notes, you can put the email address,

Janet Fish 38:50
oh, yeah, I will definitely put all of that and what you need to send you so it’s just their name, their birthday and their gender, and it’s their first name.

PK Odle 39:00
Yeah, I don’t it’s not about their what their legal name is I’m not new doing numerology.

Janet Fish 39:05
Alright, so just whatever they like you said it could be a nickname. Right. Awesome. All right. Okay, thank you so much for sharing a little bit of time with us. This was awesome. I love your format.

PK Odle 39:16
I love your format dear and I love listening to all your other podcasts and I highly recommend other people search around on whatever platform they like their plat their podcast and listen to several episodes. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. So stay on because I’ve got some other things but just to have a great rest of your day. I really appreciate you.

Janet Fish 39:34
Thank you for listening to the breakaway entrepreneur with Janet Fish. If you liked our show and want more check us out at www dot breakaway entrepreneur.com if you have any questions, please email me at coach at breakaway business coaching. com. I’ll answer your questions in an upcoming podcast. hope you’ll join us next week. If you’d like our podcast, please subscribe to make sure you get our next Episode as soon as it’s available. If you know somebody who would like our show, please share it with them. As always, we appreciate you giving us a review in Apple podcasts till next week. Make it a great day.

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