Product Creation, Sell It, Then Create It

Podcast Expert Doug Sandler and I talk about creating products. Doug has successfully created multiple product by simply listening to the needs of his clients and prospects. You can too, find out what your market wants and go create it. Here’s a sample of our conversation.

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Janet Fish 

I always say it’s all about finding the problem that people have, that you can solve. For a lot of people that are my clients, they’re looking to find new problems to solve. Because the problems that what they were solving before either they can’t solve, because I can’t do it because of the pandemic, or some of those problems have changed. So I think it’s really important to build products and services that meet the needs of your prospects and customers.

Doug Sandler   

The challenge is that so many people approach their business, particularly the online space thinking if they just put something out there, that’s enough.  It’s not. If if you’re not responsive to your community, they absolutely will not respond to you. So why would you approach marketing with the idea of here are the seven things that I want you to buy? You wouldn’t or shouldn’t. Every online course that we’ve created, has been created, because somebody in our community says, “This is what we want”. They respond by getting closer to you, by giving you their name and their email address, they come closer to you by spending $1, even $1 is a show of trust. So they spend $1 with you and you’ve created a small program or you’ve given them a freebie for nothing. You build that know like and trust factor until you figure out what it is that they want. Only then do you create products: you put masterclasses together, you create online courses based upon coaching calls that you’ve done, there are so many ways that you can do it without having to create an arsenal of content that costs you time, money and energy. It’s far more effective to respond to your community, with the stuff that they want. If you respond to them with the stuff that you want, the chances are slim that you’re going to succeed.

Janet Fish

I agree, I think too many people get caught up creating all their products upfront and think they’re going to launch. The best way to do it, which we’ve all done, sell something and then go and create it.  It’s scary, however it’s the best way to develop your products.

Doug Sandler

It’s ultra-scary as an entrepreneur to think about product creation, being a visionary, being an innovator, coming up with a product based upon what your community wants, selling it and then thinking, now I have to come up with a deliverable, I have to create what I’ve just sold.

However, nine times out of 10 if you don’t do it that way, you won’t succeed at bringing your product to marketplace so you may as well listen to what they want.  Understand that you’re going to be bad before you’re good, that’s okay. Don’t over promise – under promise and over deliver. That’s the beauty of it. You know, it’s like when you guys hopped into our Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula or Next Level Podcasting, we kind of made the program up as we were going along based upon we knew that you guys were saying. We’ve created other products, and we’ve created modules and, and videos and, and downloadable documents and all this stuff that you guys were asking us for it. And that’s truly the best way to go cause we know you want it.

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