Customer Based Network Marketing with Rachel Kellogg E149

Rachel, an expert in Multi-Level Marketing stops by to share her insights on how she and her company Beyond Slim are revolutionizing the industry.

 If you’re in the network marketing space or looking at joining a multi-level marketing company, this episode is for you.

 Among other brilliant thoughts we discuss:

 🎤     Life beyond the MLM greed

🎤     It’s all about the compensation plan

🎤     Creating confident entrepreneurs

🎤     Customer based direct marketing

🎤     Earn a living by starting with a quick win

 Meet Rachel:

With over a decade of experience as top leader in the direct selling field Rachel turned in the keys to her Pink Cadillac and decided to go for a corporate position. Rachel could the industry was in turmoil and wanted to make a bigger impact. Now as the VP of Beyond Slim a new wellness company in the social referral marketing space she is able to do just that. Beyond Slim is changing the game and doing what the MLM industry set out to do 50+ years ago. Helping the average person make extra money while building wealth from a customer base NOT on the backs of distributor orders.


Instagram: @lifewithkellogg

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