Real Estate Insights with Matt Malouf E46

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This week my guest Matt Malouf and I discuss a number of topics, how and why to write a book, real estate investing and Matt’s  TERM process for getting stuff done. TERM stands for Time, Energy, Resources and Money.   I hope you enjoy our chat.

Matt Malouf is a Part Time Investor and Author with a professional degree in Engineering- USC. His niche is Traffic Management, Real Estate Investing, Productivity and Writing.

Professionally, Matt Malouf has worked as an engineer for over two decades. However, Matt Malouf’s zeal for problem-solving led him to explore the real estate industry. There are many parallels to project management, value engineering and infrastructure development to entrepreneurship. Mostly the innovative problem-solving aspect and helping people live better lives. Today, he is an expert, self-taught real estate investor as well.

Matt has been able to use his proprietary TERM Analysis technique to rebuild his life from scratch after some devastating life difficulties to acquire over 30 properties across four countries while consulting with some wonderful business owners to help them achieve more than they thought possible.

Contact Matt:

twitter, facebook and instagram all @mattbestselling

Link to Matt’s book – 22 Secrets to Success and Wealth Creation

In this episode we explore…..


1:15 – Matt’s Bio

2:10 – About Matt

3:15 – Real estate investing

6:00 – Turning challenges into something positive

9:45 – Uncertainty and readjusting

11:30 – Always start with the end in mind

16:00 – How to write a book

18:30 – Use your book to promote your business

23:00 – Real estate insights

27:40 – Remote working is here to stay

29:30 – TERM process