Strength is Gained Through Adversity with Robert Jones E11

Robert W. Jones is the Founder of the iNetreprenuer Network, parent company of Network Together, iNetrepreneur Radio and iNetrepreneur Magazine. iNetrepreneur Magazine celebrates Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Experts, Authors, Speakers and members and friends of the Network Together community. Published 4 times a year, the Magazine is unveiled at our VIP event and distributed at our premiere event the iNetwork Expo. iNetrepreneur Radio is the channel that celebrates Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Celebrities to the Entrepreneurial World with a variety of shows. 

As Founder of Network Together, LLC, Robert has created the largest non-franchised, independently owned, personal development and business networking organization in Arizona. His organization has recently expanded into Utah, Colorado and Texas. He is an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader, Mentor and Trainer. His organization provides an in-person and virtual platform for public speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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In this episode we explore…..


00:15 – Recovering computer programmer

3:15 – Turkey leg juggler

4:15 – If you want something… ask

8:15 – From self-worth to net worth

9:30 – The heart of a servant

11:30 – To help more, you have to give more

13:00 – Energy is infectious

14:15 – Don’t worry about the mistakes

15:20 – People who have more, make more

18:00 – Recreating yourself

21:00 – Stop-breathe-then reset

23:00 – Pivot, we’ll get through this together

25:00 – Just answer your phone

28:00 – It’s about serving your community

28:30 – Carpetbagging networking

30:20 – Fill your calendar

33:00 – Explode rather than implode

34:30 – It all starts with purpose

37:30 – What does support look like?

39:00 – Getting into action

41:00 – How do you look for trust?

43:00 – Diligent investigation

46:00 – Greatness looks different now

47:00 – Be convenient to others

49:00 – Gardening as a metaphor

50:10 – Strength is gained through adversity

52:25 – Heartset before mindset

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