Setting Your Dial to Joy with Donna Sparaco Meador E16

Sought after by Entrepreneurs and Individuals alike, Donna Sparaco Meador is an Internationally-Recognized Author, Certified Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Legal Plan Advocate for the last nine years and Master at guiding Business Owners to Practice Safe Success.

She has been on numerous platforms to bring her unique message to the masses, in both business and personal. Her message offer strategic, yet simple and very effective tools to give others ways to transform their way of thinking. She is an expert at helping others read between the lines to gain clarity and implement small changes resulting in big benefits. Women have experienced Donna’s powerful guidance and support as they walk their path of building their own legacy. 

A resident of Gilbert, Arizona, today Donna is a newlywed with a desire to impact and encourage people to be both proactive and deliberate to self-improve.  She likes to think of it as InspirAction.

Donna Sparaco Meador
Legal Plan Advocate

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In this episode we explore…..


01:35 – Journey through grief

2:35 – Daily dose a Donna

4:05 – The path of least resistance

5:45 – Controlling when and how you get paid

8:35 – Transitioning to being an entrepreneur

10:35 – Just make the decision

13:00 – They don’t teach us how to start a business

14:10 – Be intentional about starting a business

18:35 – When desire is not enough

25:05 – Work/life differentiation

27:40 – Joy through adversity

32:15 – Invest in yourself

33:35 – How to make the best of a bad situation

36:05 – Clear the obstacles to moving forward

37:35 – Reach out and ask

39:35 – Your relationship with money

42:05 – Finding joy again

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