Digital Sales with Sid Meadows E112

Meet Sid Meadows, a fellow ex – corporate employee turned personal development junkie. 

Sid’s current specialty is using digital sales strategies to increase sales, you know, how you turn all that time on social media into money… 

Oh my gosh there are some many great gems here, it’s hard to even come up with a “best of” topics list, however here’s my attempt.   Listen to the full episode to get all the good stuff.

💎     As a business owner, you can’t ignore social media

💎     Social media is not a waste of time, it’s an investment of time

💎     How to stop looking for customer, let them find you

💎     Focus on the customer experience

💎     Start with 2 or 3 platforms

💎     Social media is a long term strategy

💎     Email marketing is an invitation to talk on a regular basis

💎     You need a strategy

If you’re looking to use social media to make money in your business, this is the episode for you.

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More about Sid:

Sid Meadows is a Business Strategist and High Performance Coach, who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses leverage the power of social media to build their brand and grow their business. 

Throughout his career, Sid has held a variety of roles, ranging from an individual contributor to Sr. Vice President of Sales for a fast growing manufacturer. Sid is passionate about supporting you and your growth! 

He’s a published writer with articles featured in a variety of publications on professional development and growth as well as on entrepreneurship topics such as strategy, sales, marketing, social media and more.

 In addition he hosts The Trend Report Podcast and the Amazing Entrepreneurs Club podcast.

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