The Silence Ends Now E84

In this week’s episode I share something I rarely talk about. It’s a short episode, and it’s one from my heart. I’ll say thanks in advance for letting me share it with you.

Before I send you off to see why the silence ends now, I want to address one of the biggest challenges and the most significant missed opportunity I’m seeing from my clients. Email marketing and automation.  I’m hearing over and over again,

I don’t have an email list

I have an email list however I’m not doing anything with it


I am not getting results from emailing my list. 

The industry says the return on investment in email marketing is for every dollar spent, $44 is returned. Who doesn’t want that? 

If you’re email challenged and want to take advantage of this valuable asset, come join me in the Email Marketing and Automation Workshop. It’s a half day workshop where you’ll learn email best practices and then put that knowledge to work building email campaigns and automations. You’ll leave the workshop with actual emails and campaigns you can implement right away. 

 I’m offering the workshop for a significant discount so act now.
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