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Starting a Business – 3 Things You Need To Know About Creating Products

You can’t really begin starting a business without products to sell. Your business is defined by your products, whether that means physical products, virtual products or services.

Products require content. To be frank, there is content and then there is content that will sell. Whether you’re starting your own business or growing your existing one, there are three things you need to do to create content that people care about.


Use a story when you teach, and don’t underestimate subtlety


Teach first and sell second is really the way to go. A lot of businesses will explain what they did for a client, but they fail to give the lesson behind that experience. That’s a crucial mistake because your customers want to know what you can do for them. If your content just talks about the great job you did but doesn’t explain anything else, it’s not likely to resonate with your target audience.


Subtle selling plays into this, and it’s something that is underused by a lot of businesses today. Include your pitch in a way that is subtle instead of overt. For example, you can talk about something you did for a client, but make sure that client is still the main focus. Your readers will make the logical connection and appreciate not reading what sounds like an ad for your business.


Make sure videos have that personal touch


Mixing up media is a great thing, and video is a solid way to attract attention. Your videos don’t have to break the bank in terms of production values, but they should be well-lit, clear, easy to hear and teach with a personal touch so they stand out. There are only so many ways you can phrase a topic or answer questions; it’s that personal touch that will make your videos unique.


Get that sense of urgency


You want your content to have a sense of urgency because that is what will entice a person to click on your content and not someone else’s. This can come in many forms, including choosing proper topics and staying on top of and using breaking industry news. Always end with a call to action that makes sense to your reader and ties into the context of the rest of your content. This is the phrase or signal that will entice your customers to take the next step or go to your next piece of content, so make sure you put some thought into it.


If you are just starting a business or have already been in the game for a while, creating content that sells should be part of your success blueprint. Always remember the three elements covered above and create with your audience firmly in mind!



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