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What Successful Business Owners Know

The power of consistency and persistence is not only what successful business owners know, it is also what they live by. These two qualities are the cornerstone of any business venture and are absolutely necessary for survival and growth. Keep reading to learn just what these mental strengths can do for you.

Persistence and consistency are linked

Most people, despite their best efforts, just aren’t persistent. Think about it this way: you decide to lose a few pounds, so you start going to the gym. After a few months, you lose that weight and feel so good about it that you stop going. Then, six months later, the weight is back on and you start the cycle over again.

If that sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. Once you eliminated the cause, the effect stopped, too. Had you been persistent, you would have still gone to the gym regularly despite hitting that initial weight loss goal.

While you were regularly going to the gym, you were being consistent. After the weight was off, you stopped being persistent with your workout routine. You can actually have some degree of consistency without persistence, but you can never have persistence without consistency.

Now, let’s say you decide you want to make $10,000 a month by having your own business. You develop a written down strategic marketing plan and market like there’s no tomorrow on a very consistent basis. You hit the ground running and for the first few months you start to see some results. But, lets face it, building a successful business is hard and it takes time; always more time than you think. I’ve never had a coaching client say to me, “Things are moving much faster than I thought they would.”

Results are never as fast as you want them to be, you start to pull back on your efforts, and pretty soon you just stop. My friend Sharon Lechter from the Napoleon Hill Foundation wrote a book called Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities that explores this phenomenon.

People want immediate results and often make the mistake of pulling back on their marketing efforts if things don’t happen fast enough.

What successful business owners know is that you need the persistence to continue your marketing efforts in full force even when results are slow to come – no, especially when results take time.

Persistence is vital to a successful business, and you need consistency to get there. If you do not market consistently at the start of the business, you’ll never hit your earnings goal and you’ll end up as one of the 50% of new businesses that fail in the first 5 years ( Gallup Business Journal October 2014).

It can be argued that consistency plus persistence is not only the equation for success in business but also personal fulfillment. When you’re consistent and persistent in all that you do, you’ll be able to work more effectively toward all your goals, increasing your chances of success.

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