Dinner at Your Place with Suzy Prudden E15

In this episode I get raw and real with Suzy Prudden. Suzy was born rich, then lost it all and 6 weeks after appearing on Oprah, she was homeless. 

Suzy Prudden is a legend.  An internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar leader, N.Y. Times Best Selling author (before the internet) fitness expert, body/mind pioneer, hypnotherapist, success and empowerment coach, TV Host (on NBC and Nichelodeon) and now, book publisher.  

You’ve seen her on Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show.  The New York Times says: “If Suzy is talking about it today, the rest of the country will be talking about it tomorrow.

Suzy’s current specialty is publishing Itty Bitty books by experts to give the reader exactly what they want and need on the topic of their choice with no fluff.  She then works with the author to use their book as a business builder not just a business card. Check out www.ittybittypublishing.com


In this episode we explore…..


01:15 – Candles and appetizers

2:45 Born rich

4:15 – First business adventure

5:45 – People judge and I don’t care

7:45 – Say yes and figure it out

10:15 – From struggle to fame

11:45 – Right place, right time is not enough

14.45 – One brilliant idea = NYT best seller

17:45 – Retired…. Then not

18:30 – Depak Chopra and Oprah to homless

21:15 – Deep dark secrets

23:15 – Money brings responsibility

24:30 – Decision point – move forward or fall off a cliff

26:45 – Ask for miracles

31:45 – Manifestations

35:15 – Janet’s rant

38:15 – Ask for help

41:45 – Challenge means opportunity = $$$

45:30 – What do I have to do today to make money today?

46:15 – Wired for survival

48:45 – Itty Bitty Publishing

54:00 – Get your book written and published

1:00:45 – Let’s have Dinner at Your Place

1:09:45 – Today is about giving

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More About Suzy:

Office: 311 Main St. Suite D, El Segundo, CA 90245 

Phone: 310-640-8885

email: suzyprudden@gmail.com

www.ittybittypublishing.com and www.suzyprudden.com 

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