Why You Need to Write a Book with Suzy Prudden E37

In this episode we talk about why you need to write a book and how to use your book to build your business. If you’ve always wanted to become an author, if you’re sitting at home right now with a little extra time on your hands, you need to write a book now!!

I am a huge fan of becoming an author. I think every entrepreneur should write a book. I’ve written 5 books, and a 2 time Amazon best selling author. You too can be an amazon best selling author and my guest Suzy Prudden can get you there.

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Suzy Prudden is a legend.  An internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar leader, N.Y. Times Best Selling author (before the internet) fitness expert, body/mind pioneer, hypnotherapist, success and empowerment coach, TV Host Radio host and now, book publisher.  

Suzy’s current specialty is publishing Itty Bitty books by experts to give the reader exactly what they want and need on the topic of their choice with no fluff.  She then works with the author to use their book as a business builder not just a business card. Check out www.ittybittypublishing.com.

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If you’d like a free consultation with Suzy there’s a form on her website: www.ittybittypublishing.com – Be sure to mention you heard her on the Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast.

Address: 311 Main St. Suite D, El Segundo, CA 90245 


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In this episode we explore…..


02:40 – Dinner at your place

4:10 – Change your mind change your life

6:55 – Why you need a book

12:25 – Idea to execution in record time

13:40 – Your book is your business builder

17:55 – I wrote a book, now what?

19:40 –  Template for best seller

23:00 – Be an Amazon best-selling author

25:40 – People need community

26:10 – Get your book out

32:55 – Be open to the universe


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Ben 0:02
Welcome to the Breakaway Entrepreneur podcast where master business coach Janet Fish and her special guests explore the characteristics and traits that lead entrepreneurs to success. Get ready for real conversations of what it takes to overcome real challenges and break away from your competition. here’s your host, Janet Fish.

Janet Fish 0:27
Thanks, Ben. Before I launch into this week’s episode, a word from our sponsor. If you’re considering purchasing a new home and want a complimentary 30 minute pre approval consultation, text the words home loan to area code 408-799-6853. Ross Rushton is a California licensed loan officer with fairway independent mortgage, he can help you get into that new home you’ve always desired. He listened to the podcasts, you know, I’m a huge fan of becoming an author. I think every entrepreneur should write a book. I’ve written five books, and I’m a two time Amazon best selling author. You too can be an Amazon best selling author, and my guest today Suzy Prudden. can help you get there. Suzy Prudden is a legend, an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar leader, New York Times bestselling author, fitness expert body mind pioneer hypnotherapist success and empowerment coach, TV host radio host. And now book publisher. In this episode, Susie and I talk about why you need to write a book and how to use that book to build your business. If you’ve always wanted to become an author, if you’re sitting at home right now, with a little extra time on your hands. Now is your time to write a book. I hope you enjoy our chat. All right, Suzy Prudden. Welcome back to the breakaway entrepreneur podcast I had you on. Let’s see, it was back in May episode 15, where we talked about dinner at your place, which I want to talk a little bit about that before we go into our real topic for today. But I want to talk a little bit about your just ingenuity about creating. So you created dinner at your place as a zoom place for people to meet on Friday, Eve afternoons, Friday evenings, happy hour ish, because we couldn’t any any longer go out and do in face meetings. So talk a little bit about where that came from. What do you thought you identified as people’s needs and how you fill that need?

Suzy Prudden 2:32
Thank you for asking me that, Janet. It’s it. There’s so much in my life that I do just by intuition. And what happened that was the week that we were locked down. And I was supposed to be in three different cities that week, because my marketing was until that Monday. I’m always in person at events, either sponsoring, speaking, participating. Some way I was always involved, I was involved in events and I was supposed to leave from I came back from San Diego that Sunday night, I had been at an event. I supposedly the following morning for Santa Cruz and from Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, from Santa Rosa de Las Vegas and then home in that week. And all of a sudden I wasn’t going anywhere. And my network basically disappeared. My marketing disappeared. So I thought okay, what do I do, I will not alone here. And the week before I had gotten together with a bunch of friends for dinner in our own places, because it was getting very difficult. It was just getting difficult. La is not an easy city to drive around. And especially if one of our group lives in Huntington Beach, which is to ourselves and another lives in receita, which is 45 minutes north. And so we were having trouble. So we just said let’s do zoom. And it worked was nice. So I thought why don’t I create dinner at your place? And so I just sent it out to my list. And I don’t know 30 people showed up. And we all had a good time. And some were eating dinner and some were having drinks and even people from New York call. And because I have clients everywhere. And I have and this last week. My my friend and author Christine Lazo called in from Australia. Yeah. So it’s it just it was a happening. And so then I asked God, I said, Okay, so what else do people need? And what was interesting was that the the, the kit I got was people are really upset, anxious, scared, stressed and unhappy. Now I’m a hypnotherapist, and so I thought, Okay, why don’t I have them call me. Everybody. Tell me all their miseries. And I’ll create a hypnosis process to make them feel better. And so I call that change your mind to change it. Life. And I did that on Thursdays at five o’clock. And about 20 people showed up. And they all said, I’m this and that, and it was really, it was very, very down call. And I created a hypnosis process. And it became a Oh, thank you. Cool. And everybody felt so good. So I just decided to keep doing it. And so every Thursday, I have changed mine, change your life, it’s free. And every Friday, I have dinner at your place. It’s free. But interestingly, as a business woman, I am looking for ways to turn those calls into business opportunities. So I thought, okay, and I just blurted it up to the group, I’m gonna do a retreat. And they all said, Claire, and I said, your place. And so I did it. And 12 people showed up, and they paid me, okay. And then I thought, how many of you want to do what I do when I help you change your mind to change your life? And I think six people said they wanted to. So I’m doing a certification. Now this came from me giving away something for free. Yeah. And so I have 12 people in my UI, the power inner mind class series. We’re on number four, this Saturday, followed immediately by my certification program. And there are six people in the certification program I gave it it is stupidly low price. But they’ll be certified change your mind practitioners and Susy proven practitioners, I haven’t even named it yet. And they’ll be able to do their own calls and their own programs. It’s sort of like I’m the polarities of hypnosis. And but I’m not calling in hypnosis, because these are not hypnotist. It’s creative visualization. Yeah. So it’s really my technique is very simple. Okay, let’s

Janet Fish 6:54
not go into that, because that’s not the main reason we’re here.

Suzy Prudden 6:57
Oh, so um, I wasn’t actually going to do much of the technique, but it is very simple. And, and that the piece, Janet, that’s important is, I got an idea. And I did it.

Janet Fish 7:07
Yeah, that’s exactly what I was just gonna say, you just talked about three or more different ideas that you had, because you were sitting at home saying what next? Exactly, and you created them, and you executed on them, and you’re making money from them. Yeah. So that’s just such a such a powerful message. Shoot, we could do a whole nother podcast just talking about that. But what I really wanted to talk about today is the itty bitty publishing. So the amazing itty bitty books. I love this idea. So let me tell you it, let me just frame it for the audience how I got introduced to this. So I’ve known Suzy for a long, long time. And we were at an event together. And she came up to me and I was actually working the event and I was

Unknown Speaker 7:55
and it was such a

Janet Fish 7:57
it was she was a dog terrier, I love to call her but in the most loving way. But she came up to me and she said, I’ve got this idea for this word book. So she’d had itty bitty, and we’ll talk about that for a while she’d had this publishing company, that she came up with this idea for a compilation book, which means a bunch of different authors contribute to it, and she publishes it. And so it was the itty bitty word book. And the thing that got me was I had already been an Amazon best selling author. So I wasn’t that interested in another one of those, although that’s nice. But she said we’re gonna take it to New York Times bestselling author. And so I was super interested, I told everybody who was working the event with me, I’m like, you’ve got to buy this. But what I want to talk about is how you how anybody started, and then talk about because I have five books, and I’m a big proponent of you need a book. And so that’s really what I want to explore in the next few minutes. 30 minutes, what do we have is why people need a book, why itty bitty is the easy way to get published what the value of it is, because I just think I think everyone should be should be published. So let’s just start with how you started at vidhi. And how it came to be. It was an accident brought to you by the universe known

Suzy Prudden 9:17
to me by the nervous what was happening is my sister and I had been I had a coaching hypnosis company at the time. And I was working at this I originally it was with weight loss, and then it morphed into working with entrepreneurs. And I was getting very tired of it. And the universe has a way of supporting everything you need. So the more tired of it I got the fewer clients signed up and I thought, well, this is not good. And six years before 2006 this was in 2014 2006. My sister and I had been at a conference in Las Vegas with James Malin check and he was talking about reading little books. I’ve only written big books. And so we’re, he’s talking about little books on the drive home because I wasn’t weightless at that time. On the drive home. I said to my sister, I can write it, Susie prudence, itty bitty weight loss book. And that’s how it started. We didn’t know anything about publishing anything. And that’s not a good way to go into publishing. So we did we, she knew, she wrote the book because I was busy running the company. And it was called Suzy prudence, anybody weight loss book, we didn’t know how to design covers, we know nothing. And we It was not a very attractive cover was not a very attractive book, it had good information, but you have to open the book to get the information. And if it’s not attractive, you’re not gonna open it.

Janet Fish 10:48
We bought the ablator system cleaning out your office, because I hear a lot of noise.

Unknown Speaker 10:52
I’m so sorry.

Suzy Prudden 10:54
Sorry. Thank you. I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t even notice it. Thank you. Yeah, yes, she was. And thank you for pointing that out. Um, so we bought the obligatory 2000 copies, this is in 2006. I think I have 1800 left. So I asked my sister in November of 2014. If she would make the book smaller. In November, I asked her if she could change the cover and make it a more a cover that would people would want to read it, not a cover that people went, Oh, that’s not nice. And I also asked you to make the book smaller and shorter. And so at Christmas, when she was visiting me for the holiday, she showed me the cover. And she said, I have the new cover. And I looked at it and it said, your amazing itty bitty weight loss book. And I turned to her and I said, Are you sure you want to take my name off the cover? Because my name has been on everything since 1965. I’m a famous person. And she said I don’t care. And I’m looking at the cover.

And I said, you know, it’s

this is actually a million dollar business. And we don’t have to write the books. We were in business Three days later, we had our first sign author Two weeks later. And we had our first published book, three months later, no, six weeks later, six weeks later.

Janet Fish 12:30
And that’s that is the beauty of you Suzy printer, you come up with an idea. And you more so than probably anybody I know. execute on that. I mean, you get you get the idea. And you’re like, Okay, we’re gonna figure out how to do it, and you go and figure out how to do it. I love that about you.

Suzy Prudden 12:46
Thank you. And I love that about me too. It’s exciting. You know, it’s like when I went to Bali, this was in 1993. I went to Bali. I was I was gonna go visit my boyfriend in Hong Kong. And then I was going to go visit a friend in Bali. And I thought, well, I’m going to be over there. Why don’t I create a new business and import stuff from Bali. So I got some money, people could give me some money. And I went, I bought all kinds of stuff. had a wonderful time in Hong Kong had a wonderful time in China. I had a wonderful time in Bali. I came back with a little a boatload of stuff. I sold it all. And I realized one very important thing I love buying and I love selling I don’t like schlepping. Yeah. So I thought, you know what, buy and sell. I’m good for schlepping on I want to do. A friend of mine said, you know, Suzy, I’ve been researching going to Bali for 10 years. And you just did it. And she never did. Yeah.

Janet Fish 13:48
Well, that’s the beauty of you. Okay, so let’s get back to the book. Talk about cuz I’m sitting here looking at countless numbers of itty bitty books that are sitting behind you. Why? And I’m the firm believer. As I said before, we started this part time because I have five books. And I’m a firm believer that everybody needs a book. But not everybody understands that. So I’m sure there are people some sitting out there at home. Either not working or not working like they used to that have a look inside them or are thinking that’d be cool, but I can’t do it. So why. Let’s start with just entrepreneurs and then we’ll get to anybody but why would an entrepreneur need a book? What What use could they have?

Suzy Prudden 14:30
business? I look at a book as a business builder. I’m an avid reader. I’m an avid reader. I read novels. I just finished a 900 page novel this week. That by Mike Ken Follett, wonderful author, and

most people but start again.

Every book is a business builder for an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur needs a book, to position them as an expert in their field to position them as the authority. So that you’ll see over my right shoulder, I’m sitting there with Oprah. And one of my books, it’s a book published by Hay House meta fitness, your thoughts taking shape. That book got me on The Oprah show. And the show, the full hour was about me and my topic, that would not have happened without the book. Yeah, I paid a publicist to get me on The Oprah show, but he had to have something to use to get me there. That’s why you want a book. Now, itty bitty books are short, and they’re short for a very important reason 95% of Americans don’t read. Everyone needs information. So our itty bitty books are 30 pages, 1515 chapters to chapter, two pages for each chapter. What it does is allows the business person, the entrepreneur, the expert, to give the reader as much information as they need without overwhelming them, so that they can then go to the author’s website, they can participate in seminars with that author if they want more information. And so what I do with the authors, I say, okay, where do you want to take the next step? How do you want to use your book, I just got off the phone. That’s a great topic with a consultant, who is writing a book about starting your own business. And we were talking about the power of that that book has right now. This is a moment in time, that will not probably come again, where so many people have lost their jobs, they have to do something. And they don’t know how. So I get this call today. He wants to do this book. And I said, Are you aware how important your topic is. And he knew it was a good topic, but he wasn’t quite sure I said, there gonna be thousands of people who don’t have work right now. They have to do something and they don’t know how. And they’re deer in the headlights. I talked to a woman recently, who said, I’m just a housewife. And I said, Excuse me? Are you aware of what’s going on today with women, housewives, and the job they have with their children, that it’s homeschooling them now, which they weren’t a year ago. That is and it was even then it’s been forever, their most important job you can have is right, raising kids and taking care of the home. And so all of a sudden, it was like, I never thought of that. Because she’s just being a quote unquote, housewife. Yeah. But now you can, you can say you can direct people to do it in a way that benefits the family and the neighborhood even more

Janet Fish 18:05
in a beautiful thing, because I know, I know your process pretty well. You talk a little bit about there’s a, like, I have an idea. And I have some thoughts, and I know what I might I know what I know how to do. But you’ll walk me through your formula for how I take my intellectual property, the stuff that I know, and put it into a formula of an itty bitty book. And then you’ll also help me figure out, what do I do with the book because sadly, a lot of people who write books, and don’t have any idea what to do with them once they’re written.

Suzy Prudden 18:41
And you know, it’s interesting, because a lot of people are itty bitty who’ve written books, and I’ve talked to them about starting a certification program or consulting program, or all the stuff that they can do with the books. And it’s the, it’s the 8020 rule. 80% of them don’t do anything and wonder why they they’re not making any money. 20% are killing it. Yeah, and they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And all I can do is lead the horse to water, so to speak. But what happens for me, Janet, the idea is just pop. It’s wonderful. It’s just it’s so exciting. I get an idea what this gentleman I spoke to earlier, it’s, it’s, it’s the cover of the program he wants to do is be your own boss. And I’ll teach you how. And I saw seminars, I saw podcasts I saw. I saw a certification program and all of these different things that he can do with his itty bitty book. Yeah. And if it were a bigger book, it would be more difficult because you have to wade through a lot of information. itty bitty book, it’s concise, it’s quick,

Janet Fish 19:50
it’s too white. And I and I love that. I mean I my books. I have the itty bitty book, but I have, you know other books and they’re, I don’t know a couple hundred 880 pages hundred 50 pages. But at the end of the day, I’m in full agreement with you. The reason I wrote my last book is because I needed an elaborate business card. Right? And and I needed a way to differentiate myself show what I do show my process of how I coach people. It’s amazing. Because I’ve written a bunch of books, I’ve written five. So I know that the process that I’ve honed the process, you make the process incredibly easy, because it’s short, and it’s concise. But it’s amazing when I say I’m an Amazon best selling author. Yep. People just, they they’re like, no way. I mean, that adds a level of credibility that very, very, very few people have.

Suzy Prudden 20:46
You’re actually an international

Janet Fish 20:48
and I know I’m an international, my dogs very happy about that, too. Sorry about that. But we have a little barking going on. But yeah, that’s right, you took me to international Amazon bestseller. So the process is there, and the Help is there.

Suzy Prudden 21:04
So we do, what we do is we send everybody a how to write an itty bitty book book, that we then send them an itty bitty book as an example. And then we send them a template and say, just fill in the template. Yeah. And you’ll be amazed at how many templates come in, upside down and backwards and stuff. No, no, no, no. Go back. Start again. Do it this way. Yes, but no, but do it this way. I got a book today. And it was perfect. And I’m talking to my client and I said, this is perfect. You follow directions? And she said, Of course I do. And it was like, but of course I do. Well, she has no idea how many people don’t. And it was it was just wonderful to get this book to go over it with her and say this is perfect. Keep going.

Janet Fish 21:58
Yeah. And you walk them through the process if they don’t necessarily get there on their on their first shot, if you will.

Suzy Prudden 22:05
Well, we have to because the only way we’re going to get the book The way we’re going to get the book, which is a priority system. Every single DVD book looks like every other at the book. It’s a brand. It’s a brand. And so it has to and we’ve had people argue with us and say yes, but I want to do it this way. The book. Yeah. And so it’s it’s exciting. And people are this to two different attitudes. It’s very challenging to write a short book. It’s easier to write a long book. And then we end it is and then we have people who say, Oh, boy, that was easy.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
That was easy.

Suzy Prudden 22:45
Easy button here, every button there. I found it recently. And it’s exciting to see people’s excitement. Yeah. And then it’s exciting to see what they do with it with Anthony Camacho turning his hundred thousand dollar business into a $750,000 business using anybody book as a marketing tool.

Janet Fish 23:03
Yeah, absolutely. I interviewed him on this podcast as well. So. So there’s a couple of other components that I want to bring out. You’re so close to what you do that you may not see the well i’m sure you see the value, but you don’t see the importance of some of the things that you do that I see. And so one of them. I’ll talk about two of them. One of them is we you use we as the any itty bitty book or publishing book community. We use each other to get to Amazon best selling stuff. Yes, there is a community there is a process. There is a well oiled machine that gets people to so it’s not guaranteed. I’m sure it’s not guaranteed. We can’t

Suzy Prudden 23:47
guarantee it. But that doesn’t happen before we’ve had 74.

Janet Fish 23:51
But yeah, exactly. So so we know it works. And the more authors that you get, the easier it is because it’s a numbers game. So that’s one thing that I think is awesome, because you can easily become a best selling author using your itty bitty book. I mean, that’s just pretty much what’s going to happen. The other thing we talked about it in I’ve been on a couple of podcasts today. And a common theme that we’ve talked about today is the community that comes with the itty bitty authorship. And so you actually in 30 minutes, we’re going to jump on a call. I go on the call almost every Tuesday night with all of the itty bitty authors. So Suzy hosts a call every Tuesday for all of the authors to come and just talk, what’s working, what’s not working, how do we support each other.

Suzy Prudden 24:48
Also, what I’ve recently started to do is bring an expert on the call, so that we can not only confer back and forth and talk with each other But we, we receive the information from an expert the first time it was Jason Webb, who’s the best selling author with us on trademark. And last week was. And Bennett on branding. She’s an author. Tonight is Henry cloaker. And he’s going to talk about the importance of email and how to get people to open your email.

Janet Fish 25:27
Anthony was on there. I think he was your first one talking about he was your book? Yes. It will soon be

Suzy Prudden 25:34
booked on your. Well, I was going to ask you if you want to be on next week. So yeah, yeah, well, that’s handled.

Janet Fish 25:42
But that’s great. Because not only is it the community, which has come up so many times in my conversations today, but now it’s education and community. And that’s, that’s just great. I love that you’re providing that kind of thing. So we’ve talked a lot. Go ahead.

Suzy Prudden 26:01
Well, I asked God. And I said, What do people need? Yeah. And the response was community. Yeah, connection. And I went, Okay.

Janet Fish 26:13
I’ll be the vehicle for that. Yeah. So talking about becoming an author, we focused on business, how you use it for your business, or, but there are a lot of people out there, and I’m sure there’s itty bitty authors out there who aren’t necessarily using it as a business. Or maybe we’ll talk about your other publishing company legacy, you tell me, but there are people out there that have a book in them. And it’s not, it’s not the business card for their book. It’s a book in them. And we have to talk about that and, and how you need to get that book out. And if you’ve got time right now, because you’re not working. Now is a great time to get that out of you. So yes, about that. Well,

Suzy Prudden 27:05
I’ve been doing itty bitty since December. Well, since January 2015. And it is a it’s a brand, it does not deviate. And people kept saying yes, but I have this story I want to tell, or I want to talk about my grandparents when they came to this country, or this memoir that my father handed down to me from his father from his mother, something like that. And, and then another person said to me, I have a friend who wants to write a novel. And so I thought, okay, I’ll start another company. And I started legacy press. And it started lazy press, because the first books that legacy, legacy press did do were memoirs. And now we have a novel coming out and another memoir coming out in next month, or later this month. And so if somebody’s got a story that they’re just bursting to tell, we have the vehicle for them to tell it. Yeah. And we do the editing, we do the formatting, we do the whole shebang, we, you give us your book, and a lot of money. And then I’m all into making money and I want to make money for my clients and I want to make money for myself.

Janet Fish 28:19
No, I love that.

Suzy Prudden 28:21
Yeah. And I’m not shy about it. I even give lectures on it. So then then people kept coming to me and saying, I want to do a children’s book. And I know nothing about children’s books. But my assistant does. So I said, Okay, now at that time, my sister was still my business partner. She has since retired. I knew she didn’t want to do children’s books. I had to present it to her in a way that she wouldn’t walk at it. And she has this little dog to Chihuahua to rescue. And in her family, she lives with her daughter and son in law and grandson. They have big dogs they just got I told you this the other day, just that two Huskies on on Sunday, and they were talking dogs, and those dogs were talking all the time. And so little dog, this little dog they call little dog because they have a pack of big dogs. That’s it. Okay, we’ll call the children’s book line, little dog press. So I told her, and instead of saying I don’t want to do it, she went, ah,

Janet Fish 29:23
you know how to rope them in Susie.

Suzy Prudden 29:27
You know, you have to go to where but so funny one time with my boyfriend and we were in the he lives. He’s no longer my boyfriend. I was visiting him with his son in the Philippines. And in someone they wanted to go to McDonald’s and asked his father, his father said no. So we were in town again a couple of days later, and I thought and I knew it was the right time and I said it would be nice to step off at McDonald’s on our way home and his and john said yes. And Josh looked at me said, How come he says yes to you and not to me? I said it’s framing and timing.

Janet Fish 29:59
Absolutely. framing and timing. So that’s so great. So I am going to wrap up with that. Sorry, my, my social media is going crazy here. So dinner at your places, is dinner your place open to anybody right now? Yes. Okay. So I’ll put a link to the Facebook page. Okay, in the show notes. Your Mind Your body is that

Suzy Prudden 30:27
changing mind change your body, not changing my changing body. That’s the book, change your mind change your life is right now open to anybody. Okay, so and I will eventually it won’t be but right now it is

Janet Fish 30:38
okay. Well, and that’s great. So if people want to get a taste of what our craziness is on a Friday, or Thursday, I guess

Suzy Prudden 30:44
maybe their glass of wine and then themselves.

Janet Fish 30:47
But yeah, it’s it’s been a great thing for me, I have to say, I’m almost I’m there almost every Friday. It’s just a great, great group of people. And I’ll say this, too, I’ll just be completely open about it. I’ve gotten clients from being on those on that call

Suzy Prudden 31:03
that there’s my underlying underlying intention is for people to get clients. And I want to do it in a way that it’s relationship wise. And

Janet Fish 31:13
that’s exactly what it is. We don’t talk about, like, I’ll talk about maybe my win for the week or something like that. But I’m not there saying, hey, come let me coach you on level. I mean, I just, that’s just not what it’s all about. But you get to know people at a level. And then you find people that you want to work with. And that’s Yep, I know what it’s all about.

Suzy Prudden 31:32
And then if people want to want to check out the itty bitty website, it’s got a link to that as well. Okay, perfect. And then if you want to talk to me, there’s something to fill out there. And you can call me and you can’t call me You can contact me and we set up an appointment to talk to me, I, I love what I’m doing. I love what I’m doing. And if you had asked me when I first started out in business, if I’d be a publisher didn’t, I wouldn’t even think of something like that. I’m always the one that has to be out in front. And being a publishers in the back. But I just got a radio show in New York City. So I’m very excited about that.

Janet Fish 32:11
Yes. I am looking forward to being a guest on that for sure. I definitely. And and here’s what I’ll say about Yes, you’re a publisher. But in your heart, you’re a coach, right? Whether it’s weight loss, whether it’s Yes, a mindset, whether it’s business. And while you say I’m a publisher, and I’m in the back, you’re not in the back, you’re in the front, maybe not when I’ve got my book, and I’m selling my book, but you’re in the front, two entrepreneurs to bring them into your fold.

Suzy Prudden 32:45
And I’ve got 50 years of experience that I bring to the table on what to do and what not to do, and how to do it and how not to do it.

Janet Fish 32:56
Well, and I’ll say you also have a level of use the word intuition. So I’ll use that word. You have a level of intuition. You have a level of connection or openness to the universe that because we all have a connection to the universe. But we don’t necessarily always listen to the messages that come. You are very open to one intuition and two, I need something right now. Inner universe, bring it to me. Do you want to hear some good stories about that? Go listen to Episode 15. That we did. I did with Suzy back in May because she talks about her her unbelievable story. And how her just being open to the universe brought her out of homelessness and all of the things I mean, she went from he Oprah to in her car, right? I mean,

Suzy Prudden 33:49
I never slept in my car. Okay, well, sorry, I there’s a big distinction there. I’m not a homeless person.

Janet Fish 33:56
Staying at people’s houses in Malibu, and she had no place to stay, but you should go and listen to that podcast because she’s got some great stories to tell. Susie, thank you so much. I really appreciate you being here. So breakaway entrepreneurs, I just want to remind you that it’s success that starts with your mindset, but it’s massive action that gets you there. It’s heartfelt. Thank you to you, Susie.

Suzy Prudden 34:21
Thank you. It’s always wonderful to spend time with you.

Janet Fish 34:24
Yeah, I’m super, super excited. And I’ll see you in my call in the next 14 minutes. Yep. All right. We’ve got Ben, he’s gonna take us out. So thank you, Susie.

Ben 34:37
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