Here what clients are saying about Breakaway Business Coaching!

“Coaching with Janet over the last few months has been intense. When I started, I could not imagine how I could possibly benefit from only 30 minutes of coaching but Janet is so laser focused and her advice and guidance in that 30 minutes was always jam packed with valuable feedback, timely advice, actionable steps, and brilliant guidance on sales script specifically geared for my industry that I could practice. Janet is a masterful coach.   Ronita Godsi    http://www.iDezzine.com/

Coaching with Janet is amazing. She is tough and holds me to my goals and what I say I want to accomplish. Her years of business success make her an insightful and accomplished coach. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to break through.   Kevin J.

Janet, My wife and I are both very excited to work with you.  I went to Lowes and bought a 4X8 sheet of white hardboard paneling (it’s the same material as dry erase boards) for $14.00. I’m a big picture kind of guy and I need to see the whole plan in front of me.  We put it up in the kitchen and laid out our plan.  Feeling inspired after our talk.  As a coach, you look for feedback that you’ve inspired people and truly made an impact with people you’ve touched.  You did on our first call.  Thanks again!  Mike and Lisa S.

Being a coach myself I find myself imitating you in my coaching. : )).  I couldn’t have gotten through the last year without your coaching. I’ve learned so much – it has helped me get out of my own way and help others. Oh, and making money has been awesome too.  B. H.

Just wanted you to know that I increased my income as a realtor by 88% this year.  I went from $144,000 to $253,000. Now I am working on the next step of adding a new business to augment my real estate practice as you recommended.  My husband will be joining me full time to help me next year.  What you teach really works!!  Rene S.

Although I didn’t get to $10k a month, I am very pleased with the growth of my business. When I began coaching with Janet I was making $800 a month. That grew to $2,400 a month in the first six months and I am on target to reach $4,500 a month this year. When I started I was floundering, with Janet’s guidance, I followed her step-by-step process, discovered exactly what to do when and the results speak for themselves. Neil F.