Want More Customers

Want More Customers? Do This Not That

Every small business owner wants more customers and most work really hard to get them. What if there was a way to simplify and focus the process for better results? Nothing I’m going to share with you is new or something you’ve never heard of. My goal is to simplify the process of finding and keeping new customers and present it in a way that you can immediately take action on.

Simplify, focus, knowing what to do when and taking action leads to results.

Follow these 4 steps and start getting more customers

Define Your Market – Who are you selling to?

Step one is to define your target market. Who they are, what they want and why they need to purchase your product or service.

Do this

  • Define specifically who you are targeting, your ideal client
  • Go where they are
  • Speak their language
  • Understand what challenges or problems they have that you solve
  • Communicate why they should buy from you

Not That

  • Think it’s about you and your products (no one cares till they care)
  • Think your product is for everyone (It may be however you can’t effectively market to everyone at one time)
  • Lead with the features – it’s all about the benefits to them

Define Your Marketing Strategies and Create Your Plan

Once you know who you want to market to, you need to define your marketing strategies. It’s a good idea to have a mix of strategies, ones that use internet technologies, (online tactics) and ones that take place without the use of a computer (offline tactics). The most effective tactics are offline ones and they typically result in faster sales. Online tactics usually take longer to produce leads resulting in sales.

Do This

  • Choose at least 2 online and 2 offline marketing strategies
  • Know what you want each strategy to do, what is the intended outcome?
  • Have a written down plan for each strategy that outlines actions items and due dates
  • Get into massive action – get 5 new leads a day
  • Review and revise your plan at least monthly

Not That

  • Randomly market
  • Keep your plan in your head….. Write it down!!
  • Put your plan in a drawer and forget about it
  • Write it once and never update it

Your plan is only as good as your attention to it. The goal of your marketing is to build your number of leads which results in sales. Your bottom line revenue is a direct result of your marketing efforts. Marketing, done correctly will help you build your list or find prospects faster and more efficiently than you ever imagined.

Build Your List / Follow Up

Do This

  • Get names and email addresses
  • Put them into a database or CRM
  • Engage them (email campaigns, autoresponder campaigns)
  • Follow up – have a plan for long term follow up
  • Segment your list – sort your prospects and customers to better market to their particular needs

Not That

  • Give cards not get cards – at networking events never just give out your cards
  • Stick leads or business cards in a box and forget about them
  • Email one time and think that is enough
  • Stay home in your jammies – get out there and connect with people


At the end of the day, it’s really all about sales.

Do This

  • Focus on the prospect
  • Be intensely curious
  • Talk less, listen more
  • Take them to the emotion – Learn How
  • Meet face to face or on the phone when possible
  • Understand what they need before you tell them what you have – don’t sell them on a square only to find out what they really want is a circle.

Not That

  • Talk too much – ask questions instead
  • Talk about yourself or your company unless specifically asked
  • Try to close the sale too quickly – if you get them to the emotion they will practically be begging you to sell them what you have
  • Never get to asking for the sale – don’t be afraid of selling, it’s really not selling it’s serving. You’re solving their problem remember?
  • Say you’re not good at sales – that’s never really true, it just takes practice and a belief that what you provide helps others
  • Take “no” personally. It’s not a “no”, it’s a “not now”

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