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Who You Sell To Matters…

Who you sell to matters.

            The first step in building and growing your business is to find your ideal client. That means figuring out who you are selling to. Define your target market or ideal client before you figure out what you are selling.

The first impulse many people have is to say “everybody” – wrong answer.

While it may be true that everyone needs your product or service, you can’t market to everyone, if you do, you’ll market to no one.

This is even more relevant when selling online. If you’re selling through Facebook or Google ads you need to narrow down the specific traits, characteristics, demographic and interests of the person you want to connect with.

There are 6 specific questions you need to ask in determining your target market.

  • Who really needs what you have?
  • Who has the most to lose by not buying your product?
  • What makes you unique?  
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?  
  • Why do they purchase your product over another?
  • What sets your products apart from other products available on the market?

Once you’ve determined who you are selling to you have to meet them where they are. Go to where they hang out, both online and offline.  What groups do they associate with, Meetup groups, chamber of commerce, local organizations. Find your ideal client where they are.

What events do they attend, conferences, seminars, expos, events.

What online groups do they belong to, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo? What blogs do they read, what industry experts do they follow?

Crafting a message that speaks directly to your ideal client is also important. Addressing the challenge or problem you solve and how you uniquely solve it will make the difference in whether your prospects respond to you and move forward or not. It’s the difference between vitamin or aspirin marketing.

Do you know who you are specifically selling to?

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