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Why Start a Business?

Why Start a Business? It all starts with your “Why”. 

Taking on big challenges are important as we grow ourselves and our business. No where is this more evident than when we decide to start a business. It’s getting out of our comfort zone, trying new things that may even scare the daylights out of us that cause change and growth. When you finally commit to taking that giant scary step forward it often is because your “why” is strong, so compelling that the thought of staying stuck where you are is even more frightening than moving forward.

Your “why” can be a very deeply motivating force that can help you through tough times. It can be the one thing that gets you back on track when you stumble and fall.

I coach people on building a $10k a month business. The very first thing I do with them is give them homework to go identify and write down the reasons they took the jump to start a business. In essence, identify their “why”. I do this at the beginning so that the excitement and vision of what their life will become is fresh in their minds. I tell them to write it down and keep it where they can refer to it as inevitably, at some time during the course of building their business they may find that things are not moving as quickly as they would like them to. That at some point they may get frustrated. There may be times when they lack motivation, at that point I want them to get out their list of WHY’s. Their “why” will serve as motivation to get back on track.

I believe in anything we do it’s helpful to identify the “why” behind it. Especially the hard things.

I have a very strong and deep “why” as to how I came to be a coach and the reasons I know it is my gift and my calling. I tried to quit coaching a number of times a while back. Yet I found myself with more and more clients and I found myself really enjoying the journey, mine and theirs. My dear friend and mentor Will Mattox confirmed what I already knew the last time I saw him. He taught me how to coach and he mentored me in my coaching journey as well as a few other interesting journeys. He saw coaching as my gift long before I did – as many good coaches and mentors see the brilliance in our clients well before they see it in themselves.

So what’s your “why?” What are you called to do? What motivates you to do the hard things?

Write it down, share it with others, share it here.








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